We Had Our First Bargaining Session!

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Tuesday afternoon, October 20, representatives of Lesley Faculty Forward met with representatives of Lesley’s administration for our first collective bargaining meeting. Participants were faculty members Steve Benson, Ricky Carter, Lisa Fiore, Geoff Fried and Kim Lowe, as well as Larry Alcoff and Heather Cushman from SEIU. Also participating were Associate Provost Lisa Ijiri, GSOE Dean Jack Guillette, Provost Selase Williams, Lesley General Council Shirin Philipp and Lesley’s lead negotiator, Nicholas DiGiovanni.

Following introductions, faculty presented four general areas of concern that arose from this summer’s faculty survey (to which 70% of faculty responded). Geoff Fried discussed workload. Lisa Fiore discussed Appointments, promotion and contract renewal. Ricky Carter discussed governance and Kim Lowe discussed compensation and benefits. A PDF of the power point that we presented is available here.

The presentations were received in a collegial, cordial manner, with occasional clarifying questions and comments. Following the presentation, Larry Alcoff shared some formal “boilerplate” proposals, to which the administration will provide feedback at our next negotiating session on November 17th. This proposal was adapted and edited by Core faculty from what was recently agreed to in the adjunct faculty negotiations.

Overall, the tone of the meeting was very professional and friendly. Both sides admitted to not having all the answers and are looking forward to finding those answers by working together. Of course there will be areas when we disagree throughout this process, but the tone of respect that was set during this first bargaining session is a strong foundation on which to build.

Looking forward, the administration agreed that the areas of appointments, promotion in rank and contracts will be the easiest to deal with, so that will be our topic of discussion at the the next negotiating session on November 17th. At next week’s faculty assembly we hope to take a few minutes to talk about this next step and solicit feedback. We will also meet to further discuss our priorities and proposal around this topic on Monday, November 2nd at 10am (room: tbd).

Bargaining Committee Meeting

Monday, November 2nd

10:00am — 12:00pm

UHall 3-103

Upcoming Bargaining Dates:

Tuesday, November 17th

Friday, November 20th

Tuesday, December 15th

Thursday, December 17th


Written by LesleyFF