Bargaining Update: April 26th

We’re Shocked and Disappointed

With the Administration

Dear Colleague,

On April 26th we met with the administration bargaining team, and received their counter-proposal on salary and workload. Our position is simple: Core Faculty at Lesley should be paid comparably to those at our peer institutions across the country, and we should have a workload that allows us to dedicate adequate time to the university, our scholarship and our students, while maintaining some work-life balance.

We thought the administration bargaining committee understood these goals, but their proposals this week would lead to a net pay cut for many of us and no significant reduction in workload.

The administration has proposed to eliminate 10- and 12-month contracts and replace them with ad-hoc summer stipends and teaching compensated at a rate lower than our full time equivalent. They also proposed a required “non-instructional” 7th unit of administrative work, in addition to a 6-course teaching load, service, scholarship and advising. This creates the conditions for the elimination of all stipends for extra administrative or curricular work. It would create no reduction in workload for the 100+ faculty who currently have an administrative release and teach less than seven courses per year.

The bottom line is that these proposals could lead to a pay cut for 10- and 12- month faculty, as well as those receiving stipends; no significant reduction in what many experience to be a crushing workload; and a minor 2% salary increase that fails to address our challenges with inequity and high cost of living.


Now is the Time to Become Engaged:


Our reaction to these proposals was shock at the lack of respect for faculty work and disappointment at the lack of vision from the administration. We need you to help us get this message across. The administration needs to hear your stories about struggles with salary and workload. They need to see our faces – all of our faces – across from the bargaining table. In negotiations, there is strength in numbers. Now is the time to become active. We ask you to join us at our next two bargaining sessions:

Thursday, May 12th

Prep Meeting; 1:00pm – 2:00pm, room TBA

Bargaining: 2:00pm – 5:00pm, room TBA

Wednesday, May 25th

Prep Meeting: 12:00pm – 1:00pm, room TBA

Bargaining: 1:00pm – 4:00pm, room TBA


Click here to let us know whether or not you’ll be there.



On Behalf of the Bargaining Committee,


William Barowy, Associate Professor, GSOE

Steven Benson, Associate Professor, CLAS

Linda Brennan, Instructor, Threshold

Lisa Fiore, Professor, CLAS

Geoffry Fried, Professor, LUCAD

Donna Halper, Associate Professor, CLAS

Dalia Llera, Professor, GSASS

Kimberly Lowe, Assistant Professor, CLAS

Patricia Morrissey, Instructor, Threshold

Angelica Pinna-Perez, Assistant Professor, GSASS

Robin Roth, Professor, CLAS & GSOE

Sunanda Sanyal, Professor, LUCAD

Written by LesleyFF