Core Faculty Reps

 Don’t hesitate to reach out to your union reps whenever you have questions:


General Reps: These are the people who are volunteering their time as part of their service to the school and their colleagues. If anyone has any questions or issues with the CBA they should reach out to one of these reps and/or our union representative (Heather Cushman —

​​Steve Benson (CLAS)
Lisa Fiore (CLAS)
Leela Tanikella (CLAS)
Kelvin Ramirez (GSASS)
Dalia Llera (GSASS)
Robin Roth (CLAS/GSOE)
Vivian Poey (GSOE)
Ricky Carter (GSOE)
Nicole Weber (GSOE — except for when she is on sabbatical next year)
Sunanda Sanyal (LUCAD)
Geoff Fried (LUCAD)
Patricia Morrissey (Threshold)​

Study Committee on Scholarship and Faculty Time: This is a joint faculty/administration committee that will exist for the calendar year 2017 and is meant to examine workload issues especially as it pertains to scholarship.

Vivien Marcow-Speiser (GSASS)
Kim Ruegger (CLAS)
Ricky Carter (GSOE)
Oscar Palacio (LUCAD)
Fran Yuan (Threshold)

Because we have a Union, we have WEINGARTEN RIGHTS:


Weingarten rights guarantee an employee the right to Union representation during an investigatory interview. These rights, established by the Supreme Court, in 1975 in the case of J’. Weingarten Inc,, must be claimed by the employee whenever they feel that they are in an investigatory interview. The supervisor has no obligation to inform an employee that s/he is entitled to Union representation.

We Have a Contract

Last night the votes were counted and core faculty voted overwhelmingly to ratify our tentative agreement! Thank you to all of you who played a role in making this happen. We are excited by this milestone and we look forward to continuing to build our united strength.



Lesley Core Faculty Union

We Reached a Tentative Agreement

On Friday, October 7th our Lesley Core Faculty Negotiating Committee reached a tentative agreement for a three-year union contract. This marks a year of negotiations. However, our contract cannot go into effect until it is voted on and approved by a majority of the voting Core Faculty. As your Negotiating Committee, we are unanimously recommending that you vote YES to approve our first union contract.
This recommendation is based on the considerable progress made towards achieving our initial bargaining goals, since voting to form a Union in May 2015. While this initial contract is not perfect, it addresses and moves forward many of our concerns and lays a strong foundation for future contract work. The proposed contract includes:

  • Salary: Annual increases in salary, including minimums within rank, retroactive to July 1, 2016, which brings greater equity in this area.
  •  Governance: Assertion of faculty purview and faculty role in governance
  • Benefits: Instituting a paid medical leave plan.
  • Benefits: Partial tuition remission for faculty with children enrolled in Threshold
  • Benefits: Restoration of the cuts in retirement contributions at the end of the third year of the contract.
  • Rank and Promotion: Standardizing contract length by rank and requirements for contract renewal.
  • Workload: Significant increases in the numbers of unit releases to facilitate faculty work on scholarship as well as the creation of a committee to address workload issues in the next contract.
  • Professional Development: Reached greater equity in the distribution of these funds across the university and expanded access to them.

As outlined in our periodic updates throughout the last year, the negotiations were a bit of a roller coaster. However, even when we had disagreements, the conversations were collegial and all parties considered what would be best for Lesley. Significantly, the administration acknowledged the inappropriateness of the proposed management rights language and “took it back.” Most importantly, the negotiations ended with a sense of shared collaborative effort. At this point, we look forward to working together and maintaining the collaborative relationships that developed during the bargaining sessions.
Noteworthy is the spirit or collaboration within the bargaining committee members — a diverse group of faculty from across the university. The role that many faculty, not members of the bargaining committee, played during the bargaining also necessitates acknowledgement. Our colleagues attended meetings, contributed to negotiations and were prepared to take action, if necessary. Our success as a union could not have happened without our unified efforts. We look forward to continuing to reach across departments, divisions and schools as we all work to make Lesley even better.
This initial contract has served to address and move forward many of our concerns and to get us to a path of greater equity and justice at Lesley University. Because this is a first contract, we will need a continued commitment for participation so that we can make sure the spirit and intent of the contract is followed. In three short years we will be positioned to negotiate a contract that builds on the present success and moves closer to the full achievement of our goals.
We look forward to discussing the contract with all of you in the near future —below, you will see meeting times for discussion and voting. Please make every effort to attend one of the three meetings listed below. Text of the agreement will be forthcoming.


Tuesday, October 18th
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Sherrill Library 251

Tuesday, October 18th
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
University Hall 3-097

Thursday, October 20th
12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Doble Hall 213

Please let us know which meeting you will attend by clicking HERE.

On Behalf of the Negotiating Committee,

Steven Benson, Associate Professor, CLAS
Linda Brennan, Instructor, Threshold
Richard Carter, Associate Professor, GSOE
Lisa Fiore, Professor, CLAS
Geoffry Fried, Professor, LUCAD
Mitchell Kossak, Associate Professor, GSASS
Dalia Llera, Professor, GSASS
Kimberly Lowe, Assistant Professor, CLAS
Patricia Morrissey, Instructor, Threshold
Angelica Pinna-Perez, Assistant Professor, GSASS
Vivian Poey, Associate Professor, GSOE
Kelvin Ramirez, Assistant Professor, GSASS
Susan Rauchwerk, Associate Professor, GSOE
Robin Roth, Professor, CLAS & GSOE
Sunanda Sanyal, Professor, LUCAD
Nicole Weber, Associate Professor, GSOE

Bargaining Update: April 26th

We’re Shocked and Disappointed

With the Administration

Dear Colleague,

On April 26th we met with the administration bargaining team, and received their counter-proposal on salary and workload. Our position is simple: Core Faculty at Lesley should be paid comparably to those at our peer institutions across the country, and we should have a workload that allows us to dedicate adequate time to the university, our scholarship and our students, while maintaining some work-life balance.

We thought the administration bargaining committee understood these goals, but their proposals this week would lead to a net pay cut for many of us and no significant reduction in workload.

The administration has proposed to eliminate 10- and 12-month contracts and replace them with ad-hoc summer stipends and teaching compensated at a rate lower than our full time equivalent. They also proposed a required “non-instructional” 7th unit of administrative work, in addition to a 6-course teaching load, service, scholarship and advising. This creates the conditions for the elimination of all stipends for extra administrative or curricular work. It would create no reduction in workload for the 100+ faculty who currently have an administrative release and teach less than seven courses per year.

The bottom line is that these proposals could lead to a pay cut for 10- and 12- month faculty, as well as those receiving stipends; no significant reduction in what many experience to be a crushing workload; and a minor 2% salary increase that fails to address our challenges with inequity and high cost of living.


Now is the Time to Become Engaged:


Our reaction to these proposals was shock at the lack of respect for faculty work and disappointment at the lack of vision from the administration. We need you to help us get this message across. The administration needs to hear your stories about struggles with salary and workload. They need to see our faces – all of our faces – across from the bargaining table. In negotiations, there is strength in numbers. Now is the time to become active. We ask you to join us at our next two bargaining sessions:

Thursday, May 12th

Prep Meeting; 1:00pm – 2:00pm, room TBA

Bargaining: 2:00pm – 5:00pm, room TBA

Wednesday, May 25th

Prep Meeting: 12:00pm – 1:00pm, room TBA

Bargaining: 1:00pm – 4:00pm, room TBA


Click here to let us know whether or not you’ll be there.



On Behalf of the Bargaining Committee,


William Barowy, Associate Professor, GSOE

Steven Benson, Associate Professor, CLAS

Linda Brennan, Instructor, Threshold

Lisa Fiore, Professor, CLAS

Geoffry Fried, Professor, LUCAD

Donna Halper, Associate Professor, CLAS

Dalia Llera, Professor, GSASS

Kimberly Lowe, Assistant Professor, CLAS

Patricia Morrissey, Instructor, Threshold

Angelica Pinna-Perez, Assistant Professor, GSASS

Robin Roth, Professor, CLAS & GSOE

Sunanda Sanyal, Professor, LUCAD

Bargaining Update: March 29th

Financial Considerations

in our First Contract

Dear Colleague,

We’ve had four bargaining sessions so far this semester and we’ve made significant progress towards our first collective bargaining agreement. At each bargaining session we’ve had productive, collegial discussions about our bargaining proposals and issues that are important to both Core faculty and our administrators — each conversation has given us a fuller understanding of the other’s perspective and priorities.

We’re close to establishing consistent and reasonable appointment lengths, regularizing the procedure for contract renewal, and ensuring more job security for all Core faculty, but we still have a lot of key issues to continue discussing at the negotiating table. As we look forward, it’s clear that financial considerations present the most complicated component.

This month we presented our proposal on salaries — it would raise pay the most for those who are the lowest paid at each rank by creating minimums that are consistent with salaries at our peer institutions. Anyone that already makes above these minimums would see percentage increases to their salary every year, increasing overall payroll by about 15% over the three year life of the agreement. We’re also looking towards improving benefits, and the bargaining surveys completed over the summer and fall show that most of us would like to see decreases in out of pocket costs to health insurance and increases in retirement contributions.

However, salary and benefit increases are not the only financial considerations. For most of us, the seven courses a year (for a 9-month contract) is a burdensome workload that we’d like to see reduced, but for each course load we reduce, that’s 150 courses that still have to be taught by adjuncts or, ideally, more Core faculty, which is a significant cost to the university that could reduce the salary increases we can expect to win in our first contract.

Our negotiations challenge some of the ways the administration chooses to spend its money, and that’s an important piece to this process, but there are still four main areas where significant gains for us will mean significant cost to the university, and we have to be sensible about our priorities. Salary increases, benefits, resources for scholarship and professional development, as well as reducing workload are all major areas of financial cost. In order to have a comprehensive agreement, we must now examine these priorities, the same way the administration must examine their own spending, and choose to put money towards that which is most valuable.

Help us tackle this question by discussing your priorities with your colleagues, inschool/departmental meetings and with your school’s bargaining committee representative. And as always, you are welcome to join us at bargaining.


On Behalf of the Bargaining Committee,


Robin Roth

Geoffry Fried

Steven Benson

Nicole Weber

Lisa Fiore

Angelica Pinna-Perez

William Barowy

Donna Halper

André Ruesch

Linda Brennan

Patricia Morrissey

Kim Lowe

Sunanda Sanyal

Bargaining Update: January 29th

Dear Colleagues,

On Thursday, January 28th we had our first bargaining session since our winter hiatus. Currently, we are in active discussions regarding contract renewals and promotions. At our session on Thursday, we discussed the administration’s counter-proposal to our original proposal. We will likely continue to negotiate over details of contract renewal in our next bargaining session, but the good news is that both parties are committed to a simpler system with fewer required renewal applications.

Looking forward, our next major tasks will be to craft proposals regarding benefits (including support for scholarship) and salary. We will be bringing ideas forward in Faculty Assembly, as well as holding meetings to discuss our benefits and salary goals. We welcome your input, and we hope that many people will take an interest in helping us craft these proposals. Watch your email for announcements about the time and place of these meetings!

If you have not yet been able to attend a bargaining session, we encourage you to get involved this semester. Our upcoming bargaining dates are:

Tuesday, February 9
Prep Meeting: 1:00-2:00 Sherrill Library 154
Bargaining: 2:00-5:00 Sherrill Library 350

Friday, March 4
Prep Meeting: 12:30-1:30 Sherrill Library 251
Bargaining: 1:30-4:30 Sherrill Library 350

Thursday, March 17
Prep Meeting: 12:30-1:30 Sherrill Library 251
Bargaining: 1:30-4:30 Sherrill Library 350

The atmosphere of the negotiations continues to be collegial, but we are beginning to get into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of differences with the administration. Our strength in negotiations is directly related to the support and involvement of each of you. There is still much work to be done, but we are confident that together we will achieve tangible improvements for all core faculty!

As always, feel free to contact myself or any other member of the negotiating committee with questions.

Best wishes,

Kimberly A. Lowe, PhD
Assistant Professor of European History, Lesley University | +1 (617) 349-8337

New Bargaining Dates

Thursday, January 28

Prep Meeting: 12:30-1:30 SHER 153

Bargaining: 1:30-4:30 SHER 350


Tuesday, February 9

Prep Meeting: 1:00-2:00 ROOM TBA

Bargaining: 2:00-5:00 ROOM TBA


Friday, March 4

Prep Meeting: 12:30-1:30 SHER 251

Bargaining: 1:30-4:30 SHER 350


Thursday, March 17

Prep Meeting: 12:30-1:30 SHER 251

Bargaining: 1:30-4:30 SHER 350

Thursday, April 7th

1:30-2:30 — Prep Meeting — Room TBD
2:30-5:00 — Bargaining — Room TBD


Tuesday, April 26th

1:00-2:00 — Prep Meeting — Room TBD
2:00-5:00 — Bargaining — Room TBD


Thursday, May 12th

1:00-2:00 — Prep Meeting — Room TBD
2:00-5:00 — Bargaining — Room TBD


Please R.S.V.P. here

Bargaining Update: December 17

We had a productive bargaining session with the administration to round out the end of the semester. The conversations around contract renewal and workload were particularly productive in moving towards a collective bargaining agreement.

The administration responded to our bargaining presentation by offering one of their own to describe their priorities in contract renewal and promotion.

Administration’s Presentation on Contracts – December 17, 2015

We were also able to reach a tentative agreement on a few pieces of the boilerplate language in our contract. We still have a long way to go, but these first steps show strong progress!

TA’ed Articles

We Had Our First Bargaining Session!

[su_document url=””]

Tuesday afternoon, October 20, representatives of Lesley Faculty Forward met with representatives of Lesley’s administration for our first collective bargaining meeting. Participants were faculty members Steve Benson, Ricky Carter, Lisa Fiore, Geoff Fried and Kim Lowe, as well as Larry Alcoff and Heather Cushman from SEIU. Also participating were Associate Provost Lisa Ijiri, GSOE Dean Jack Guillette, Provost Selase Williams, Lesley General Council Shirin Philipp and Lesley’s lead negotiator, Nicholas DiGiovanni.

Following introductions, faculty presented four general areas of concern that arose from this summer’s faculty survey (to which 70% of faculty responded). Geoff Fried discussed workload. Lisa Fiore discussed Appointments, promotion and contract renewal. Ricky Carter discussed governance and Kim Lowe discussed compensation and benefits. A PDF of the power point that we presented is available here.

The presentations were received in a collegial, cordial manner, with occasional clarifying questions and comments. Following the presentation, Larry Alcoff shared some formal “boilerplate” proposals, to which the administration will provide feedback at our next negotiating session on November 17th. This proposal was adapted and edited by Core faculty from what was recently agreed to in the adjunct faculty negotiations.

Overall, the tone of the meeting was very professional and friendly. Both sides admitted to not having all the answers and are looking forward to finding those answers by working together. Of course there will be areas when we disagree throughout this process, but the tone of respect that was set during this first bargaining session is a strong foundation on which to build.

Looking forward, the administration agreed that the areas of appointments, promotion in rank and contracts will be the easiest to deal with, so that will be our topic of discussion at the the next negotiating session on November 17th. At next week’s faculty assembly we hope to take a few minutes to talk about this next step and solicit feedback. We will also meet to further discuss our priorities and proposal around this topic on Monday, November 2nd at 10am (room: tbd).

Bargaining Committee Meeting

Monday, November 2nd

10:00am — 12:00pm

UHall 3-103

Upcoming Bargaining Dates:

Tuesday, November 17th

Friday, November 20th

Tuesday, December 15th

Thursday, December 17th


Upcoming Bargaining Dates

Tuesday, October 20th

Tuesday, November 17th

Friday, November 20th

Tuesday, December 15th

Thursday, December 17th

R.S.V.P. for updated location information