Important Faculty Contract Event March 12

The Adjunct Faculty Union and Core Faculty Union Organizing Committee cordially invite you to attend a ‘Report Back’ from the Adjunct Union Contract Bargaining Committee – set for Thursday, March 12 at 12pm in UHall 2-048. Light refreshments will be served.

Decisions are being made in the adjunct negotiations that affect our students and Lesley’s educational mission. These decisions are important to all faculty, and both the Adjunct Union and the Core Faculty Union Organizing Committee believe it is critical to take an inclusive approach to discussing the adjunct bargaining committee’s choices and possible next steps with all Lesley faculty – core and adjunct alike.


Thursday, March 12
12:00pm to 2:00pm
(light refreshments provided) 

University Hall, 2-048


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Cambridge Day | Lesley ‘core faculty’ talk of unionization while adjunct labor talks drag after year

By Marc Levy
Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lesley University students show signs in support of improvements in faculty pay and benefits. (Photo: Lesley Adjunct Faculty Unite)

Lesley University students show signs in support of improvements in faculty pay and benefits. (Photo: Lesley Adjunct Faculty Unite)

After voting to form a union for adjunct professors almost exactly a year ago, Lesley University educators are back with a next step: getting “core faculty” organized and fighting alongside the adjuncts for better pay, benefits and security.

Despite the 357-67 vote Feb. 24 to join the Adjunct Union arm of the Service Employees International Union, negotiations with the university haven’t achieved a contract.

“Progress in negotiations has been too slow,” said Sarah Slavick, an adjunct professor in the fine arts department of Lesley’s College of Art and Design who spoke Monday before the City Council asking for a resolution putting pressure on the university. The order, introduced late by councillor Nadeem Mazan, returns for a vote next week.

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By 2-to-1 Margin, Full-Time Faculty at Tufts University Vote “Union Yes”

More than 2,700 Boston-area educators now united through FacultyForward/SEIU


By a two-to-one margin, full-time faculty at Tufts University voted overwhelmingly to form their union today, casting ballots to join Faculty Forward – a project of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 509. The victory caps off a string of faculty union victories in recent months, as more than 2,700 non-tenure-track educators throughout the Greater Boston area have come together to improve their profession and the overall quality of higher education through unionization.

“We believed that a union would help us build a real community – one where all faculty can more effectively contribute to our shared mission of educating students,” said Penn Loh, a lecturer in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. “Coupled with the progress made by our part-time colleagues, today’s victory will no doubt raise the Tufts learning experience to new heights.”

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Tufts Part-Time Faculty Sign Landmark First Contract

Members of the Bargaining Team hold the inaugural print edition of the new Tufts Union Contract.

Members of the Bargaining Team hold the inaugural print edition of the new Tufts Union Contract.

In a landmark agreement that caps off a two-year organizing and bargaining effort, part-time faculty at Tufts University signed a three-year contract with University administrators January 15. The new contract — the first of its kind in Massachusetts — makes significant gains around compensation, working conditions and faculty’s role in decision-making.

Click here to find more contract highlights, along with a downloadable PDF of the full agreement.

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Inside Higher ED: Tufts adjuncts tout pay and job security gains in first union contract

By Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed | October 28, 2014

Service Employees International Union launched its Adjunct Action campaign less than two years ago, with an ambitious goal: take SEIU’s metro-wide adjunct organizing effort in Washington, D.C. — which took years to establish — national, and fast. Drives were soon happening from Boston to San Francisco, leading to a dozen new unions.

Now Adjunct Action is touting its first successful contract negotiation, and adjuncts at Tufts University outside Boston are saying it could serve a model for the many contract negotiations happening elsewhere.

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Boston Globe: Tufts part-time professors to get better pay, job security

By Matt Rocheleau, Boston Globe | October 27, 2014

Most part-time professors at Tufts University will get a 22 percent pay raise over the next three years and improved job security under a new contract that could influence negotiations at other schools where adjunct faculty have recently organized or are considering doing so.

The Tufts deal, a three-year agreement ratified Friday, will also keep an existing arrangement that makes professors who teach at least three courses over the course of an academic year eligible for health, retirement, tuition reimbursement, and other employee benefits, according to union officials.

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The Tufts Daily: Students & Faculty Unite

By Nina Goldman, Tufts Daily | October 15, 2014

After eight months of negotiations, representatives of Tufts and its part-time faculty reached a tentative contract agreement this Friday. The terms of the three-year contract will not be made public until all part-time lecturers vote to ratify the contract later this month, according to Director of Public Relations Kim Thurler.

The part-time lecturers, represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), unionized last September and entered negotiations with the university in February. The university had already agreed to many of their requests prior to Friday’s bargaining session, according to bargaining committee member Andrew Klatt, who has taught for 18 years in the Department of Romance Languages.

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Boston Globe: For Northeastern adjuncts, organizing is a no-brainer

Boston Globe | April 21, 2014

NEXT WEEK, 950 members of Northeastern University’s adjunct faculty will have the opportunity to vote to form a union, part of a national movement to improve representation of these largely unacknowledged campus mainstays. In the Boston area, adjuncts have already voted to unionize at Tufts University and Lesley College, and a similar effort is underway at Boston University. As with any vote on whether to unionize, it comes down to whether the overall condition of the workers would be enhanced or restrained by a union. This one should be a no-brainer, however: Private universities, with only a few exceptions, have treated adjuncts as a kind of migrant workforce, paying them as little as possible and offering minimal support of any other kind. Forget about job security: Adjuncts sometimes must wait until a week or two before classes begin to learn whether they’ll be teaching or not. Forget about benefits: At many universities, they’re charged to park or use the gym.

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The Justice: Academics say adjunct compensation falls short

Adjuncts across the country and throughout Boston have been unionizing due to a general lack of benefits and low wages. Although the Brandeis Fair Pay Coalition has taken an initiative in meeting with a representative from the Service Employees International Union and several adjuncts have expressed concerns about the current situation at the University, no specific plan to unionize at Brandeis could be confirmed by the Justice.

Adjuncts at the University currently receive about $6,000 per course in the Arts and Sciences, according to Prof. Bernadette Brooten (NEJS) in an email to the Justice. Senior Vice President for Communications Ellen de Graffenreid wrote in an email to the Justice that $6,000 is the minimum that adjuncts are paid per course, but that disparities can exist between adjuncts’ pay based upon areas of expertise and experience.

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